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Power Animal journey

September 17, 2020

Power animal journey


Have you ever asked yourself which power animal you would like to have at your side? For Shamans the entire world is “animated” which means everything has a soul and they integrate also power animals into their world.

In the shamanic energy medicine, we use power animals to either support a process, to manifest certain new information, to give you a protection or also to bring forth issues that you have been hiding even from yourself but can see now because you do not feel so alone with a power animal at your side. You can always connect to it, no matter if it is a big bear, a falcon or a squirrel – each one has its own qualities with which it can support you.

Most of the power animals stay as long as you need them and until a certain aspect is integrated. Sometimes they just go then or you let them go. There are also so-called soul animals they stay will with you. You will feel which one comes to you. You can repeat the journey every time you have the feeling that you might need another power animal – for a new perspective on a problem. However, do not forget to express your gratitude for its coming. Your connection and affection is usually the thank you that is sufficient for them. Just listen!


Munay sonqo


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