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Interview with the Cherokee Red Fire Priest, Earnie Frost on the Cherokee`s perspektive on life and death

November 15, 2020

This is the interview with my friend Earnie Frost or Watt Eleysi, as is his Cherokee name.

He gives his view on the circle of life and death and how he sees life after death. He also shares his experiences with us also about his NDE (near-death-experience) and why he is not afraid of death. It is November, the month where we honor the dead, our loved ones that went on their final journey and also nature is going to rest now so it is a time for us to reflect – where are we standing? Is death our ally or a threat?

For now, it will be only available in English but we are working on a German translation which will be then published when its ready.


Munay sonqo and be well


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